Is the Lightning Process Suitable® for me?

Do you know how it feels to…

  • be exhausted and tired no matter how much rest you get?
  • be stuck with re-occurring pain, health symptoms and other issues?
  • get so stressed by almost everything?
  • feel low and upset much of the time?
  • want a better life and health but just can’t find anything that works?

Do you want to positively influence and resolve a chronic health condition?

Do you want to change old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into more useful and beneficial ones?

Do you want to maximize your potential in your work, relationship, and life?

Have you tried everything and no matter how positive, dedicated, and committed you are, you still are not getting the results you want?

If any, or all, of this sounds familiar then the LP training could be the answer that you have been looking for.

We find the LP training is very effective for people who decide it is the right approach for them. And, in common with other training programs, like learning mindfulness, a new language or eating healthier, the three factors below seem to help those taking the LP to get the results they want:

  • A strong desire for change
  • A firm belief that the changes they want to make are possible with the right tools
  • A determination to do the work necessary to retrain their brain until the changes are established

Because the LP is a training (and not a medical treatment or cure), you are the one who will be doing the work with the tools you have learned. And your success will be greatly influenced by how consistently you put these tools into practice. As a result, being ready to wholeheartedly embrace the LP and the work it entails is the first major step toward taking the training.

Questions to Help You Decide if You Are Ready for the LP Training

Are you truly tired of and done living with the conditions/symptoms/feelings that you want to change?

Do you believe that you can influence your health and well-being?

Are you excited about the possibilities ahead of you if you can resolve the situation that you are in now?

Do you have a plan of at least eight wonderful things that you would like to do when you resolve your situation? 

Have you read the information on this website about the LP?

Have you read some testimonials and watched some videos of clients who have had success with the LP?

Are you willing to commit yourself to actively participating in every aspect of the LP training?

Are you willing to use the LP as often as necessary to create the changes you want?