Welcome to Your Future

Making change is easier than you might imagine…

Are you ready to make rapid, effective, and lasting change in your health and life? If so, I can help you using a proven approach that utilizes the science behind the mind-body connection to make change.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process®

For people who want one or more of the following:

  • To positively influence and resolve chronic health conditions
  • To change old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into more useful ones
  • To maximize their potential in their work, relationships, and lives

The Lightning Process® is an empowering training program that focuses on how the brain and
body interact and provides you with practical ways of influencing all aspects of your health and life.

The training incorporates well-evidenced scientific principles and proven ways to make
effective and lasting change, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching,
Hypnotherapy, and principles of Osteopathy.

The training is much more than a set of skills and tools that you will learn, it is a way of making
change that enables integration and realization on a very deep and powerful level, which can
then generate a whole new way of being present in the world.